I am seeking re-election because my heart is with Fairfax. I want to continue to lead our community in a positive way that includes listening to all citizens and coming up with creative solutions to solve our problems. Thank you for your endorsement! Please note that title/organizations are listed for identification purposes only.



Sierra Club

Marin Professional Firefighters

Ross Valley Firefighters Association

Marin County Young Democrats

Marin Independant Journal



Katie Rice, Marin County Supervisor

Larry Bragman, Marin Municipal Water District

Jennifer Reinks, Marin Healthcare District

Pamela Miegs, Marin Municipal Sanitary District

Barbara Coler, Fairfax Town Council

Renee Goddard, Fairfax Town Council

Peter Laques, Fairfax Town Council

David Weinsoff, Fairfax Town Council

Mary Ann Magiorre, Former Fairfax Mayor

Doug Kelly, Former San Anselmo Council Member

Bruce Ackerman, Fairfax Planning Commission

Wendi Kallins, Safe Routes to Schools

Gwen Froh, Safe Routes to Schools

Max Perrey,Marin County Young Democrats

Macia Custer, Volunteer Board

Susan Adams

Elizabeth Baker

Lisel Blash

Patti Breitman

Peter Burchard

Cat Caldwell

Diane Causey

Allison Cease

Rebekah Collins

Mike Cummings

Martine and Michael Curran

Hadley Dettmer

Laurel Druke

Jonathan Freiman

Janet Garvin

Neil Kraus

Bob Kopelman

Shelby LaMotte

Wendy Lee

Sarah Mays-Salin

Kathleen Paylor

Lini Bodian Pribble

Carla Roley

Sierra Salin

Brian and Sharon Sagar

Otis Scarecroe

Anya Schandler

Layli Shirani

Bob Shumaker

Keith Silva

Scott Valentino

Len and Ingrid Weiss

Susan Weiss

Peter Werba

Cindy and Buff Whitman-Bradley

... and many more (list to be updated soon)



As a Fairfax resident, I am more than happy to endorse John Reed for Fairfax Town Council. John has been a wonderful, compassionate, and thoughtful leader for Fairfax. He literally walks the walk—getting out in the community with residents to discuss issues, solve problems, and make things work.
— Lisel Blash

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John Reed