I have lived in Fairfax since 1991 with my wife Jo and we've raised our son Dylan here. I have a long history of service and leadership in our community and have served as the Chair of the Fairfax Volunteer Board for seven years, before being elected to Council in 2009. While in the Fairfax Volunteers, I initiated town-wide safety and community building programs including neighborhood brush clearing, pedestrian trail improvements, and the Town Picnic on the ball field.

I represented Fairfax on several regional transportation advisory boards and have served on the GPAC for eight years. I authored the study that qualified Fairfax for $2.5 million in public safety grants by 2009.

I've also been very involved with youth in our community, volunteering in Dylan's local school and the Boy Scouts and I pioneered Safe Routes to School at Manor Elementary, the model for the current statewide program.

I have now been serving Fairfax on the Town Council for two terms, totaling eight years. During that time I have been Mayor twice, the second time being this year. I also serve on the Transportation Authority, the Fire Board, Paramedic Authority, Safe Routes to Schools, the Fairfax Trails Committee, and many others.

I am running for re-election because I am a solution-oriented leader that listens to all sides. I have found a calling and aptitude for serving our town in a positive way.  I have begun many important projects that will benefit everybody in town. I would like to bring these projects to completion; from repairing our sidewalks downtown, to completing the network of trails and steps throughout the hills, to raising awareness of simple things we all can do now to increase fire safety. The town needs good leadership that is fair, listens to all sides, and crafts solutions that are good for our community. I would like to continue to provide this leadership.

By effective use of a variety of experts (consultants) we have been able to accomplish tasks requiring specialized expertise, at a total cost per year of about half of one full time employee.

By spot-zoning to allow the Victory Village senior housing project to go forward, we removed the right of the State to force zoning changes throughout town and the streamlining of applications- thus preserving local control.

By utilizing a low cost loan from the County, we have been able to schedule additional road maintenance, getting ahead of the pavement deterioration curve. This will result in savings of $3M-3.5 Million over 5 years, at a cost of only around $25K in interest.

I am constantly looking for ways to keep our spending down, and I am pleased to say that according to the independent auditor, Fairfax now has a healthy cash reserve for use in emergencies.

Stay tuned for more information on me and my campaign. Please send me your concerns, questions, and comments via the email link below.

John served on the fairfax volunteer board for 8 years.

John served on the fairfax volunteer board for 8 years.

john helped start safe routes to schools pilot program at manor.

john helped start safe routes to schools pilot program at manor.