Street Re-Paving Update

Beginning in October, roadwork is going to be performed in Fairfax, on a number of our streets.

Finally, after several years of PG&E and the Sewer District tearing up the streets around town, several of them have been completed. This allows us to get going on the repaving that has been in the works now for over three years. Since all the paving companies have lots of work (booming economy and all), we are in luck that our lowest bidder finished the job just before ours early. This means we will be able to get the paving company to do extra sections of road that need it at the same time, saving significant mobilization costs.

Please be aware that if you live on one of the streets being worked on, it will be inconvenient for 4 or 5 days, as road paving equipment will be there, and if you live right where the work is being done, you will not always be able to drive your car right up to your house. Please think about a spot to park nearby, but not on the street where it is being paved. Notices will be sent out to the affected homes, detailing when and where , as well as signs posted in the area, etc. The crews will be putting in long days to make sure it goes as quickly as possible, and I'm sure when it's done we will all be glad!

Parts of Scenic Road, Tamalpais, Mountain View, and Madrone are among the streets that are due to be repaved in this next month of October. Barbara Coler and I have both been allied in pressing for getting ahead of the curve on our road maintenance, as it is so important, and much cheaper to do now instead of later. As roads deteriorate, the cost to fix them goes up exponentially. We are pleased to have the support from the rest of the Council in acting proactively in this way.

The Council, with much encouragement from me, John, recently decided to spend an additional $500K on preserving our roads and sidewalks in the next year, for a total of around $1 M.  This is because the interest on a loan offered by the County was very reasonable, and by spending the extra $500K now, we will save between $3M to $3.5M over the next 5 years. This is an incredible return on investment, and we will be glad we did. 

Roads deteriorate fast unless you maintain them by slurry-sealing them at the correct time. Kind of like fixing the roof on your house before it leaks and does phenomenal damage. Or getting your teeth cleaned vs. a later root canal. 

I will be posting in more detail soon, about this and many other subjects. The posts are designed to cross-post to the “John Reed for Fairfax” Facebook page, as well as here at

Talk to you soon!