Fairfax has a network of over 100 trails, and though many of them are in need of work, they are useful to walk on, and possibly life-saving in an emergency such as a wildfire. In the Oakland hills fire, most people who died were trying to drive out. The majority of people were saved by using the trails to get down the hills.


Fairfax's Trails were all laid out at the same time as the lots and streets. Just about all of them are public right of ways, and the right of the public to use them cannot be extinguished, just like the streets. As an alternative to winding roads up to two miles long up the hill, a trail can get there directly in a few short blocks.


John has been working for two decades to raise awareness of these trails. Dozens have been opened, many with steps built by volunteers. The last few years, more and more funding has been dedicated to opening and maintaining trails, using both volunteers and the North Bay Conservation Corps. Please learn where the trails near your house are located, using the map in the link below. Not only is it fun, it could save your life!